CT EarthNet Deliverables:

  • Conduct an outreach campaign about community-based environmental management experiences around the state, the goals of the network and the resources and expertise available through local groups.
  • Assemble a network of local, statewide and national groups to bring together a broad range of experience and expertise that can inform and enable community-based environmental planning and management.
  • Build a web-based, search engine optimized resource to provide an entry point for interested parties, facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration between diverse segments within local communities and community-based organizations, and to share and archive information and learning.
  • Develop a Connecticut-based curriculum for earth and environmental science that utilizes local sites, contexts and community environmental management efforts to teach principles and concepts aligned with the state core framework standards.
  • Survey local groups about their goals, priorities and assessments of their progress towards the accomplishment of individual goals.
  • Analyze survey data to publish a Connecticut Environmental Performance Index and establish baselines against which the efficacy and scalability of the network can be measured and evaluated.
  • Evaluate the network approach and its applicability and scalability in other geographical areas.

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